All I want for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is coming. Forget black Friday and cyber Monday ‘deals’, here is what I want for you this Christmas and beyond.

Todays Special

You may be expecting a sales pitch right about now. Whilst I never like to leave people disappointed, you will be if that is what you had bet on. Yes, I am a Photographer and Business Mentor and I need to attract business to pay my bills. But first and foremost I am a person, just like you, and I care about other people – and that includes you!

‘Must Have’ Gifts

Every email I receive right now seems to be trying to sell me something. To tempt me with the ‘must have’ gift for myself or loved ones this Christmas. Some of the offerings are shiny, most are expensive, yet very few are for things I actually want.

I’ve never been a materialistic person. I love to receive a heartfelt gift as much as the next person, but the best gift I have ever been given is time. Time to spend with my loved ones, to be in the moment, without having to watch a clock.

Surrey Family | Image by Victoria Murray Photography


2018s Top Christmas Gift

Have you guessed it yet? Sadly I am not sharing a secret for how to freeze or turn back time, although Photography does provide both. What I want to share, and what I want for you all this Christmas, is for you to take time for yourselves. To take the time to be with the people that matter most to you. For you to pick up the phone and not just send a message or email but to actually speak to the person whose number you have stored. Tell them that you are thinking about them. If you are wishing them a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, tell them that by making that connection. If you can’t physically visit them, why not give them a video call?

Family Christmas

This Christmas will be all about my family. It will be our first one as a family of three (Neo, our puppy, is our child for now). I’ve been capturing his journey daily and Christmas is going to be no exception, including planning a dog-friendly Christmas meal for him. Whilst I won’t be able to spend the day with my nieces and nephews, it has meant the world to Ali and I to be asked, and if we could have been there we would have. There will definitely be a FaceTime or other video-call-provider virtual contact though.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

All I Want For Christmas

And so I end with the title of this blog. All I want, for this Christmas and all that follow, are for you all to take the time to be with those you love. To show them how much you care not by how many numbers follow the £ sign of your gift, but to make the effort to be with them. Tell those you care about what they mean to you, tell them how much you love them, stop worrying about whether the Turkey is done and spend time and play with your children. Photograph your baby with the people they spend their first Christmas with and the gifts they receive so you can relive all of this with them.

You will hear from me again before the big day, but for now, I want you to stop reading and go and enjoy the preparations. Enjoy your family, enjoy your journey together, and capture every moment of it. It will be the one thing you never regret doing.

Victoria x


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