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I need to say one thing immediately before you read any further. I have every admiration and respect for you in being the Entrepreneur, Brand Creator or Owner that you are. The courage and determination to action that first thought of starting your own business is something I believe is too often overlooked.

As a business owner myself, I hear the same statements day in and day out of needing to be 'visible'. About putting yourself and your brand 'out there', the need for consistent, professional imagery etc. etc.

All of this is true, but sometimes, doesn't it just grate a little? All the behind the scenes admin, tax returns, biz-min that takes you away from what you actually love about your business and why you chose to start it in the beginning?

This is where the only superpower bestowed upon me comes in. I can take this pain away from you by making this desired visibility, consistent imagery and putting 'you' out there a reality. All without an ounce of stress for you.

Whether you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, or if you have been putting your heart and soul into your business for some time, I am here to listen to your journey so far. I want to understand where you are now and where your adventure is taking you next.

After this we can work together so that I can begin to capture your journey. I want to provide you with those 'consistent images' that you can use to shout from every rooftop /social media platform on the planet about how amazing you and your business and brand are, showing why those you do this for need you.

Does this sound like what you need for you and your business right now? Shall we agree a time for coffee so you can tell me everything so far and what is coming next?

Perhaps you're not sure what you need photographically speaking and you want some advice before deciding how I can best help you? Perfect. I'm great at listening and giving advice and again coffee normally helps the solution become clear.

I also know the stress of knowing where and how to invest in your business, especially in the early days. For this reason I provide you the option to use payment plans meaning you can continue to be the successful business owner and brand builder you are without having to wait to save enough to invest in your Brand Photography. Typical investment for Brand Photography ranges from £100 (headshots only) to £1000 (think all singing, all dancing, more than just photography). Together we will work out what is right for you and how to make this work.

Whether you are in coffee-drinking distance of Surrey or not (thank you FaceTime and Skype) I am here for you and I am looking forward to hearing about your journey so far and all that is to come. If you're ready for me to wave my 'super' cape your way (ok, camera lens) and get you back to doing what you do best - being your amazing entrepreneurial self, lets begin your journey here.

The coffee is brewing...


Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.

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