How will you celebrate your baby’s arrival?

From Baby Showers to Christenings, celebratory drinks to that first Facebook post, options of how you celebrate your baby’s arrival seem endless. This past week I have photographed both a Christening and a Baby Shower, but what other options are there for you to mark this once in a lifetime moment?

We’re Pregnant

Announcing that you are having a baby is the first celebration you will have. For the most part, you will likely choose to hold off saying or typing these words until you have reached the 12 week point of your pregnancy. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that this is the first photograph you will have of your baby; your first scan photograph.

Scan photography

Getting creative

Posting a scan photograph is both an exciting and personal. Its the first look that you and the world will have of your baby. Their first moment.

The photograph on its own is powerful enough, but you can also choose to get very creative. You can style your photograph to include hints as to when your baby is due. Whether you think it may be a boy or a girl.  Having an older sibling share the news as you capture their reaction to their promotion to big brother or sister.

The countdown begins

The countdown to the day your baby arrives begins from the moment you first discover you are pregnant. You’ll have been wanting to shout it from every rooftop and social media app since you discovered this incredible news. Now the secret is out, you can begin this countdown along with those closest to you. From the size your baby reaches and which fruit or vegetable this matches, through to the possible tell-tale signs as to whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, the excitement builds for everyone.

Baby Shower

Traditionally a more American occasion, Baby Showers are growing in popularity in the UK. The shape and size of these showers vary greatly from an intimate close friends and family gathering, to afternoon tea or full on celebrations with venues and entertainers hired.

You may choose to arrange your own Baby Shower or those closest to you may do so for you, more usually than not as a surprise. This is where you can really start to enjoy the impending arrival of your baby and celebrate this exciting time.

Fun and games

Baby Showers are more than just an event whereby you and your baby receive thoughtful gifts. They are filled with the potential for lots of fun, time to see everyone again before baby arrives, and for words of wisdom to be imparted – requested or not!

Fun and games for a baby shower

This also makes a wonderful occasion to have photographed. Its one of the few times aside from Weddings, that the majority of your family and friends will be with you in one place.

Baby Shower photography needn’t be posed or formal, it can simply be a way of capturing those important to you and your baby. Its a wonderful start to capturing your baby’s journey and those who will feature throughout.

Birth day

The day you have been waiting for. Preparing for months and planning every last detail. Your baby’s birth! Another American trend that is becoming more common here is having your baby’s birth photographed. Whilst this is still not too common in the UK, more parents are opting for their photographer to visit them at home or in the hospital once their baby arrives.

This is such an intimate and personal time for you as a family. The first time you will all have met properly, emotions flowing uncontrollably, love surrounding you all.  Whether you choose to have a photographer join you or not, I urge you to have a nurse of family member capture these first precious moments for you, you will not regret it.

Sip and see

Sip and see gatherings are the new way to introduce your baby to everyone without the stress of feeling like your home has become a hotel, complete with revolving doors, except that they have defaulted to manual operation!

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

With sip and see’s, the premise is that all of the people you want to meet your baby now they have arrived come on one day. Whether you choose to make this a party or a more informal gathering at home where you don’t have the stress of leaving is your choice entirely. With all the visits complete in one day, leaving you the time you need to enjoy being a family, its easy to see why these celebrations are becoming more popular.

Baby’s christening

Christenings used to be very popular although in recent times seem less common dependent on where you live. For those of you who do choose to have your baby christened, or to have a similar celebration such as a naming day, these also offer a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and capture your baby’s arrival.

Whether a large gathering or intimate celebration, a christening or similar occasion is another perfect opportunity to capture your baby and the friends and family who will support them in this amazing journey and adventure they call life. You will be surrounded by people you may not have see since before your baby arrived and you again get to celebrate your baby being here with you.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Newborn Photography

Regardless of how you celebrate your baby’s arrival with the world, Newborn Photography is a beautiful way for you to celebrate this time as a family. Whether this is your first born baby or a much welcomed sibling, having your baby photographed in their first few days or weeks provides you not only lasting memories, but also precious time together where you can just be.

How will you celebrate?

With all of these ideas in mind, how will you choose to celebrate your baby’s arrival? Are plans already afoot and invites sent? I would love to hear what you choose and of course am always happy to talk to you about capturing this time.

However you choose to celebrate, enjoy this amazing start of your and your baby’s journey, life is such an amazing adventure.

Victoria x


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