Family Photography – Farnham Park, Surrey

On spring day at Farnham Park, Surrey, I had the pleasure of capturing the journey of a very special family. Having rearranged this session twice owing to the wet weather, the sun shone for us in the sky and smiles.

Farnham Park – a family setting

When choosing the location for a family photography session, I work closely with you to select somewhere with meaning. Wherever you are in your journey, its important that the memories we capture reflect the experiences you share in the places they happen.

Whilst homes and gardens offer a perfect backdrop, with toddlers looking to explore all things new, a park can often provide the perfect setting for your family photography.

Sophie and Pete were quick to suggest the gorgeous Farnham Park for their own Family Journey Photography. On their doorstep and where they often took their little girl, Eliza, to explore, it provided everything we needed.

Farnham Family | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Surrey Family Photography | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Offering wide open spaces, playgrounds and even deer, there was plenty to keep Eliza amused. Sophie and Pete talked with me as I photographed them with Eliza, explaining the significance of park to them.

When Eliza was first born Sophie and Pete would walk through the park with Eliza in her buggy. Sophie would meet other mums there and she and Pete would bring Eliza to the playground and share special first experiences there such as being on a swing or roundabout.

It was clearly somewhere that the now toddling Eliza loved too. As well as the tress and leafs that were still on the ground, running between Mummy and Daddy provided lots of fun and beautiful photographs.

Toddler Fun | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Surrey Family | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Surrey Photographer | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Close to home and easy to reach

The meaning of a location is my first priority, but equally so is how close a location is to you. Getting a family – be that of one or five children, ready to leave the house can sometimes feel like a military operation. Family Photography sessions are not something to induce stress but to provide an enjoyable experience for all of you.

I also don’t want you to worry about parking tickets, toilet facilities or somewhere to get a drink. Farnham Park again had all of these bases covered with free parking, toilets and a coffee shop to stock up on hot drinks and sweet treats.

Whilst Sophie, Pete and Eliza bought their own supply of treats and toys, it was reassuring for all of us to know facilities were on hand if needed. These locations (car park and coffee shop) also provided easy to find meeting points and a chance for Eliza to see me before I introduced the camera.

Nice to meet you | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

With any experience, especially with children, its always more relaxing when you are familiar with your environment. Eliza knew Farnham Park and associated it with being a place of fun. A place where she, Mummy and Daddy often went. You can see here the effect it had on Eliza, her smile never fading.

Surrey Family | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Family Time | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Surrey Photographer | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Family Photography in Farnham

Farnham Park is just one of the many places in the Surrey Hills perfect for Family Photography. If you are in the Surrey area and are thinking of capturing your own family journey I’d love to hear from you. Together we will find the place that means something to your family and creates a lasting record of your journey together.



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