Father’s Day Gift Ideas – The One Father’s Will Thank You For

Father’s Day gift ideas centre around socks, slippers, or your Dad’s favourite sweets. Whilst useful, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your Father something he will really enjoy? Something that will last for all the Father’s Days to come?


Whilst an Aston Martin may be high up on their wish list, few Father’s actually expect to receive this. This doesn’t mean the Father in your life need be disappointed. This is where the gift they will thank you for comes in – the gift of Photography.

Now, I’m not suggesting you rush out and buy a camera as this years gift, although that my not be a bad idea. What I’m suggesting is gifting them an experience that will last long after the day ends. One your Father is really in the moment for and enjoys. An experience that will leave him with cherished memories.

Dad’s often say they don’t like having their photograph taken but when you add their children to the equation this often changes. When the children in question are the Fathers first child, you’ll know how you struggle to get them away from being in front of the camera!

Image by Victoria Murray Photography


As a family, you may have set ways in which you celebrate Father’s Day. For you this is maybe a home cooked dinner or a lovely meal out. Gifting Photography this year does not mean that the session itself need take place on Father’s Day.

When I arrange a Photography experience as a gift, I allow plenty of time for the person receiving this to book with me. I want to make sure that everyone you want there can be with you.

Daddy and Me | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Family Portrait | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Most Father’s are quite thoughtful when it comes to the location of their Photography. Very few actually want to go to a studio and prefer to have their memories captured in a place that means something to them. From your home to a park where you take the children to play, the location of a Photography experience is as important as the clothes you choose to wear. This is no different for a Father’s Day Photography gift.

Daddy's Girl | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Father's Day | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Family | Image by Victoria Murray Photography


Absolutely not. Your journey as a family, and the recipient of your gift as a Father, is all about the moments you share together. If a family portrait is what is chosen then of course this will be captured. Equally, it may be nice to capture Daddy teaching their little one how to ride a bike. Playing in the park together, or even just sharing some tender moments.

| Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Daddy Teaches | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

However the Father in your life chooses to use their Photography gift, you can be sure that they will not be disappointed with the results. The photographs are just a small part of what you will have given them.

I hope this blog has helped inspire you to think differently about your gifting this Father’s Day. If you would like to know more or arrange your own Photography gift then I would love to hear from you to help with this.




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