Holiday Time – Achieving the Work, Family, Life Balance

Its officially holiday time in the UK and for once we have summer-like weather to go with it. Whether you’re enjoying an extended break, or just weekends in the sun, there are ways we can all achieve the work-family-life balance on holiday that we desire. Let’s discover how together.

Summer Holidays = No Time

This is something we are all guilty of saying, parents or not, although it doesn’t have to be your reality. If you are packing your bags for a break away, your business can survive if you take a break, you can also achieve a happy family and life balance whilst working away. The key to all of this is planning.

For Business

From a business perspective, if you don’t have anyone to take the reigns whilst you’re away, why not factor in how you can use your break for your business? You can pause your blog posts for a week or two, letting your audience know in advance.

It doesn’t mean you have to be completely silent, what I would suggest instead is to post an inspirational photograph or update about things you have seen or are doing whilst away. You may even want to share what you are reading and how you are balancing family and work. None of this makes you a bad business or brand owner – it does however show you are human and allows your audience to connect with you more.

Achieving Balance

For Family

For families, keeping your children amused can cause so much stress, yet remember the reason you decided to have a holiday in the first place. To have some time together. What is it as a family that you all like doing? Are there different things for you to do whilst you are away and what can you do separately that still makes for interesting dinner conversations? Better still, what opportunities are there for you to capture you and your family together, documenting this part of your journey as you continue to grow?

Holiday time can also be a great way to think about how you can continue the fun and quality time together when you go home. So much time is spent rushing from one thing to another. Work and ‘life-min’ for the adults. School work for the children. What about having even an hour together a week where you have a ‘no schedule/to-do list’ policy but instead do something fun together or even just for yourselves.

Achieving the balance

For business and family holidaymakers, balance is always key. All of us, regardless of the lives we live, need a break. We all need time to take a breath and just listen to our bodies. To switch off from the routine and alarm clocks. The opportunity to just be.

Achieving the Work, Family, Life Balance

What we all need to be better at is making this activity an every week thing, not just something we do once or twice a year. By taking even twenty minutes a week to ourselves we can be so much better for it.

Think of all the things you ‘make’ time to do – watch Love Island, run that errand, scroll through Instagram. What if you started putting some of that time aside for you? Think how much better balanced your life would be.

How to have it all


A great way to set some time aside to ‘just be’ is during a photography mini-session. These 30 minute sessions are scheduled a few weeks in advance at a location which not only promises beautiful photographs, but also the opportunity for you to take some time for you.

Typically thoughts of as family offerings, I provide mini-sessions for families and businesses and brands. Whilst you may be planning a longer family or brand photography session, mini-sessions are a great way of capturing a small moment of you as a family or refreshing your personal imagery so your audience can see the face behind the brand or business.

Keeping the balance

My next series of mini-sessions will be taking place in September when the holidays are over and you are back in business mode – the time when the reminder for balance is most needed. If you’d like to know more about these and to ensure you are the first to hear about the dates, you can let me know here.

Enjoy the sun and see you soon.





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