The Baby Bubble Hub – How to Thrive During Baby’s First Year

You waited patiently to announce you were having a baby. Now baby is finally here. But where in all the books does it tell you how to thrive during baby’s first year?

Its a question almost every parent has asked as their bundle of love sits opposite them at home for the first time. Some of you will have asked this from the moment you saw those two lines appear. Finally, someone has answered these questions for you, the added bonus is that the answers are all in one place.

We’re pregnant

Those glorious words. The dreams that begin the moment this is confirmed. Your family is about to grow, the we becoming an us. Life will undoubtedly change but this needn’t be a time for worry, you can thrive from the get go.

A mother herself, Sophie Griffiths of Mama Buba Bump, asked all of these questions about what pregnancy and the first year of her babies life would be like – for her and her child. Once Sophie’s baby arrived, that’s when the overwhelm kicked in, largely through the absence of reliable information and a community of support. And so Mama Buba Bump was born.

Image by Victoria Murray PhotographyThe first year

Using her own experiences, Sophie created Mama Buba Bump, an online village for pregnant and new mums. This has quickly grown to include The Baby Bubble Hub, which in an age of ‘ask Google, removes the overwhelm, combining information from experts that mums can trust, as well as a community of support from other mums.

Bringing together experts including a breastfeeding consultant, sleep specialist, first aid trainer and sling consultant, there isn’t much that has been left to chance to help you to thrive in your baby’s first year.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Why I recommend Mama Buba Bump

As well as being informed about every stage of your baby’s first year, Mama Buba Bump and The Baby Bubble Hub also helps build mums confidence to parent in a way that feels right to you.

This ethos, coupled with expert advice and the community Sophie has created, is exactly why I recommend Mama Buba Bump and The Baby Bubble Hub. With this combination, you truly will thrive in your baby’s first year and beyond. To find out more about the Baby Bubble Hub and let Sophie know that you found her through this blog, visit this website here and enter code VICTORIABUBBLE in the ‘discount code’ box.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Making the most of the experts

Whilst this blog has focussed on the amazing work of Mama Buba Bump, my ‘little gold book’ entries don’t stop there. My purpose is to capture your journeys. To do this fully I believe that includes equipping you with all the expertise and assistance I can to help you make your journeys as enjoyable as possible. If you’d like to find out more I’d love to hear from you.

Victoria x


*As an affiliate of Mama Buba Bump, I may receive commissions if you sign up to the Baby Bubble Hub. However, this does not impact my opinion or endorsement of the Baby Bubble Hub and I always keep in the mind the best options for you with the experts and services I recommend.


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