About You

You and Your Journey

Yes, you read that correctly! 

This is my 'About You' page because you are here to learn more about how I will capture your journey through my Photography. You are not here to learn about my being based in Surrey, my favourite pastimes, why I became a Photographer etc. although you can find all of that in my 'The Girl Behind The Camera' Blog Series if you are interested.

I want to know what has brought you to me in this moment, where on your journey you are and how I can help you capture every detail of it

You won't find a label of the 'type' of Photographer I am because I capture every stage of your journey. We might first meet when you invite me to capture your Newborn baby, perhaps your Family moments, or even the journey of your Business or Brand.

I'm as passionate about all of these moments, just as you are. You can read more about how I capture the different stages of your journey on my Family and Brand pages or by contacting me directly. I also provide Mentoring through Journey to You where I help other business and brand creators define their message and showcase that with imagery to match.

One other thing that I believe makes me 'different' is that I don't offer templated 'packages' for my Photography. 

There's no need for the sharp intake of breath. This doesn't mean I charge the earth and you won't need a mortgage deposit to have me capture your journey. I don't use packages as I value Photography for the 'forever' memories it provides you with and its unique power to capture journeys exactly as they unfold. For this reason, I work with you to find out exactly what phase of your journey you want me to capture and how, creating an experience that provides exactly what you need and want. From our first conversation you will know exactly what you will be receiving from your investment with me and we will create something as unique to you as your memories.

I cannot wait to hear about the part of your journey that you would like captured right now, so let's get the conversation started here.

I am so excited to learn about your journey so far and of course to be able to capture the adventure for you.


Life is a wonderfully big adventure …

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