About You

You and Your Journey

Yes, you read that correctly!


This is my 'About You' page because you are here to learn more about how I will capture your family's journey through my Photography.


You are not here to learn about my being based in Surrey, my favourite pastimes, why I became a Photographer etc. although you can find all of that in my 'The Girl Behind The Camera' Blog Series if you are interested.


I want to know what has brought you to me in this moment. Whether your baby is yet to arrive or they are already here and in your arms. Most importantly, I want to help you learn how I can capture every detail of this magical time for you.


For this reason, I work with you to find out exactly how you want me to capture this precious time, creating an experience that provides exactly what you need and want.


From our first conversation you will know exactly what to expect from your experience with me and we will create something as unique to you as your memories.


I cannot wait to hear about how I can help you, so let's get the conversation started here.



Life is a wonderfully big adventure …

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