Thank You Gifts – Hand Made Chocolate

With schools preparing for the summer break, parents are now searching for a gift for teachers. Instead of the usual mug for coffees or stationary for the new term, what about something bespoke this year?

A box of chocolates is always lovely, but what about a box of hand made chocolates? Chocolate where you choose the flavour. Even a bar of chocolate with a photograph applied. Read on to learn how you can have all of this and more.

Trio Chocolate Bars | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Prescotts Chocolate – the gift creators

I’m not usually one for chocolate, but when photographing the new range of creations by Prescotts Chocolate, I found myself really wanting to try them all. Chocolate cravings aside, what struck me most was the unique gift that the type of chocolate Prescotts offers would make.

With options to create your own flavours, personalise with a photograph, and choose from truffles to shards of bars, this truly makes a unique and much appreciated gift.


Chocolate Photography | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Surrey Food Photography | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Photography Gift | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Vicki, the talent behind Prescotts, created the business as she wanted to provide chocolate that was not mass produced, but which could be made to order and to suit all tastes. To give chocolate that missing personal touch. All without compromising on quality.

As Prescotts prepare to launch their new website, there are new flavours on the way and equally pleasing packaging to present your chocolate gift of choice to a lucky recipient.

Product Photographer Surrey | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Flavour combinations

Teachers will obviously be grateful for any chocolate gift received. However, if Prescotts Chocolate appeals to you, lets start talking flavour.

Chocolate | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

From white chocolate raspberry and pistachio, through to caramel and sea salt, there is a flavour to suit every palette. Moving onto truffles there are even some adult varieties with gin and prosecco options – a true test of luxury.

Chocolate Gift | Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Chocolate needn’t only be reserved as an end of term gift. Working alongside Vicki to capture her brand I discovered so many additional uses too. When I want to thank someone, I always look for something personal. I want them to know that the gift I have chosen was specially for them.

As a Mum, would you want to give something lovely to the Midwife who went the extra mile for you? For you fellow business owners and brand creators. wouldn’t you like something that reflects your Brand to give to those who choose to work with you?

The power of gifting

Coming down from my chocolate high, I hope this post also makes you see the power of gifting. None of us really ever give to receive, but we all appreciate the sentiment of a gift where the giver has really considered us in choosing it.

Whether you are gifting chocolate, flavoured gins, experience days or something else, I’d love to know how you select your gifts of choice. Is there someone you really struggle to buy for? Perhaps you are the one who is a challenge to buy for. Leave a comment below to let me know, I’d love to help if I can.




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