Advice I Would Give My Younger Self – What You Can Learn

There has been many a post recently about the advice people would give their younger selves. The golden nuggets they have learnt that would have made those early years more bearable, fun. The clarity gained over life and career choices they couldn’t see at the time. This is my own letter to my younger self, but one I hope you will all take and learn something from for the selfs you are now.


Hello you, yes you hiding behind that hair and in those baggy clothes. I can see you. Put down that book for a minute and just take some time to look outside. Really look. Not there, not down, up. See that sky? See those stars shining brightly enough all those light years away that you can see them from where you are? You are a star too. People can see you. You are enough.


Why do you think you have to settle? What advice have you been given on this? Are you just going to ignore it? Does your gut tell you that this feels right? How about your heart? These are the two best ‘advice’ ports for you to call on. Never doubt either of these and if they say its not right, its not.

If you have settled there is a way out. Be brave. You can hear your intuition and you should listen to it. Leave now, there are better things and people ahead. Your life can be as beautiful as you dream. You have the power to make it that way. Live freely.


Life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s never easy and sometimes you won’t think it is worth it. Keep believing. Know that plans don’t always go accordingly but that this is part of the joy in life. Don’t plan so rigidly, don’t invite disappointment and heartbreak into your life, what you think you ‘want’ must be that – what you want and not what you think others think you should have. You will hurt them more by trying to live up to your preconceived expectations they have of you.


There is no easy way to say this. Bad things will happen. Sad things will happen. You will experience pain that you will never be able to describe and share with only a few. It’s ok though. You are a survivor. A warrior. You will take this pain and make something beautiful from it, even if you can’t see it at the time. Have faith. Believe. Use this for good. Change the world with it. You have the power right there within you.


I’ve said this already but I am worried you’ve not really listened. Sometimes the easy path isn’t the one you must take. Don’t give up. Not ever. Anything is possible. As one of our favourites said, ‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.


I want the best for you. The best and nothing less. You do deserve it. You are deserving. I also know that you will bring others with you and do everything you can to see them thrive too. With everything you learn, every experience, you will find the way to bring so much to so many more. You will experience and bring joy and happiness.


Live. Live every day as though it was the best day of your life. That on any day you can realise your biggest dreams. Reach your highest heights. This isn’t just a letter to my younger self anymore, this is a letter to you, a rallying cry. You will experience pain, struggles, elation and love; all of these will help you. My advice is simple. Live freely. Love completely. Always take that chance and be the version of you that never looks back with a regret.

Life is a very big adventure, make sure experience every second of it.


Victoria x




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