When One Day Becomes Day One

How many times have you said to yourself “one day I will…”? I said this for too long about so many things, yet now, one day has become day one. I want to bring you on day one with me, sharing all the feels – the fears, the ecstasy, the unknowns. Are you ready?

Day One

15th November 2018. At midday my life changed. My one day became a reality. I walked out of the doors of the building that had been my workplace for fifteen years, two months and three weeks. I thought there might be tears, perhaps apprehension, regret? Do you know what I felt? Relief. Excitement. Freedom. I had made a choice to trust in my own abilities, to stand on my own two feet, to create the life I desire.

Making The Decision

Before we get to focussed on how I have spent today, let me tell you a little about the lead up to this.

I have been building my Photography business for a little over two years, having completely rebranded at the end of 2017, and introducing the business mentoring element in September this year. It was at this point I realised I not only needed to take that final leap, I wanted to. It still took me until October to make this official though.

What Does It Feel Like

Now there is something nobody really talks about. How it feels to finally say ‘I’ve done it’. It was a bit of a non-event in some ways. I’ve shared how I thought there would be some emotion spent when leaving my ‘safe’ job, but there wasn’t. I was sad to leave the people I had spent a huge amount of my life with, but buoyed by the knowledge that I was only leaving them in a work environment – I was leaving an office after all, not planet earth.

The big part in all of this of course was that I left one career at midday to begin working full time in my chosen career and passion at 3pm that afternoon – start as you mean to go on!

The Difference

I know what you are thinking. She left a job after all that time and didn’t even take a break! That is true, but it wasn’t as though I left a job to start something else that purely paid the bills. I had chosen to do something I had been putting off for so long. To follow my heart, trust my gut and make a difference to others that I had been unable to do before. I was excited!

A quick phonemail to my better half, change out of suit dress to ‘me dress’, and I was away. I got to walk our dog. It was me who gave him cuddles between prepping for a mentoring call. The processing of images from a fantastic personal branding photography session from earlier in the week was completed whilst it was still daylight and without impeding on time with said better half and dog. This is what I had wanted all along.

Why Does This Matter To You?

A good question and the answer is coming. This insight into my first afternoon may not matter to you, you may simply be reading this to see what I have to say (thank you either way). Equally, you may be reading this as you are on the verge of making a change yourself, to reaching out and grabbing with both hands the chance of the life you desire and deserve.

This insight into my first afternoon, how I have spent this morning working on a Branding Brief for a mentoring client whilst training my dog, whilst also having time to see my Mum; I want to share this to show you what is possible.

Are You Ready?

Does any of this sound like a life you long for? A day that would make you sigh less and smile more? I believe that every single one of you can have this and that you should. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become your own boss (my Husband for example LOVES his job), but you can choose how you use your time. You can invest in the things that make you happy – be that how you spend time or money.

Make Your Choice

As for the rest of my first taste of this new life, tomorrow is a family day with friends joining us for dinner, Sunday I will be capturing the special moments of a Baby Shower and on Monday I will be helping another business owner and brand creator capture her magical moments as we complete her mentoring journey. The best part? I am excited about it all. I have an energy that has been lost for years and every part of my life, since I said those magic words of ‘I resign’, has improved tenfold.

So tell me, are you ready to make a choice for you, to do what you want to do rather than what you feel you should do? To listen to what makes your soul happy, what brings that smile to your face and gives you a purpose? I’d love for you to get in touch to tell me more or comment below.

Your journey is such an important one, make it the adventure you deserve, live the life you love and can look back on to say ‘I have no regrets’.



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