Why I Launched Journey To You

I want you to understand what your business needs to be to serve YOU. What your family life needs to look like to be the life YOU desire. How you can achieve all of these things by replacing ‘should’ with ‘want’. That this does not make you a selfish or uncaring person, but one who thrives and helps those around them to do the same.

My choice to create and launch Journey To You was to enable you to do exactly this.

Isn’t Journey to You a Mentoring Programme?

Yes, Journey to You is a mentoring programme. Initially it was created to help new businesses, or those looking to rebrand. In the short time it has been running it has evolved into so much more than just this. Whilst the premise remains the same, Journey to You now also focuses on so much more.

Finding Your Why

This is a term I think is now overused in marketing and sometimes lifestyle choices too. It is not that I disagree with the need or value of finding a why, more that the perception is that this why needs to be a thing or monetary goal.

Take my own why for instance. I chose to leave the safety of a salary and a career I had excelled in to follow my passion. To make positive changes in the lives of others through my Photography. Journey to You was borne as a result of realising that capturing your journeys was only a small part of this, I want to change your entire world for the better, which includes helping you gain clarity on what matters to you and how to achieve and communicate that.

Just this morning I have spoken with a very inspiring lady. One who had lived a full life, given so much to so many, but has now chosen to live for her. Yet, even in this choice, without realising it, she is still giving to so many and changing the lives and journeys of others for the better. The thing that prevented this happening sooner? Waiting for permission. Feeling that it was the right time to do this. Worrying that she was not fulfilling her role of being the helper, supporter, carer.


Taking the first step

My own first step came with purchasing my first camera four years ago. It was a wet November Sunday. It was so dark you could have been forgiven for thinking it was still nighttime. Needless to say it was a duvet day. iPads open (please don’t judge), Ali and I were doing our own things, cup of coffee/tea respectively in hand, but I kept coming back to the camera page of a certain electronics store. Ali noticed. Before I know it we were showered, dressed, and en-route to Tottenham Court Road to buy that camera. I walked out of that shop with my future in my hands.

Your own first step may not be as clear as this. You may simply know that there is more for you. That you want more. Right now, you just don’t know what that is. I am here to help.

Giving you permission to be

The first time we speak, here is what will happen, or rather what won’t happen. I won’t be asking you to compete a questionnaire. I’m not going to ask you to list your likes and dislikes. There will be no scenarios to see how your personality is aligned or to which colours or words you respond better too. Simply put, I will let you just be. I will let you talk. You can decide to tell me as little or as much about what has brought you to me now and what you want my help with.

Yes, Journey to You was created as a business mentoring programme, but it can also help you clarify the life you want for you and your family and how to achieve this. How you can thrive and still keep your own identity even once you become a parent or on your way to becoming one, it needn’t be an either or decision.

Capturing Your Journey

Whether we will be working on your business, lifestyle or family aspirations, I want to capture this part of your journey for you. For this very reason, each mentoring journey culminates in a celebration of that with a photography session. 

For your business, this may be a full day’s branding photography session, a ‘day in the life of’ session, or a mixture of both. If we have been working on lifestyle or family matters it can be a day all about you and/or your family. Your children, partner, extended family, pets. We may even visit places that you aspire to bring your family too one day, when they arrive, or somewhere you would like to live or a scene you would like to live out every day. The options really are limitless.

Are you ready to be?

So this is my promise to you. What you can achieve through giving yourself permission to be and trusting me to guide you through this part of your journey. I give you permission to take ownership of your life. To come to a place without judgement and to a person who will share their business experience with you, get excited about your lifestyle and family aspirations, and capture all of this for you to savour and celebrate forevermore.

If you are ready to take that first step, I am ready to guide you, shall I make a coffee? Take your first step now by getting in touch with me here.

Your time is now and I cannot wait to see you thrive.


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