Why Parents Don’t Take the Best Photographs and How You Can

Today I share with you why parents don’t take the best photographs and how you can overcome this.  You’ve waited so long for this moment as a family, for all of you to be together, learn how this can be captured for you to remember and enjoy forever.


I’ve spoken with so many parents who tell me they wish they’d known me when their children were babies. The same thing comes up time and time again, the photographs they took of their children didn’t include the whole family, or else they didn’t take any at all. Parents won’t take the best photographs of their children, not because of ability, but because you are busy making memories with them and experiencing your journey together. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful photographs of this time though. This is the problem I can solve for you. First though, another common belief held by many parents…

Image by Victoria Murray Photography


Now where have you heard this before? Most of us have a camera, be it our phones, a point and shoot, perhaps even a DSLR. Answer me this though, how many photographs have you taken with these? In the last week, how many photographs have you taken that you have looked at again? How many photographs have you printed and now have displayed around you? Does zero sound about right?

Many of us now rely on smartphones to capture our precious moments, but smartphones have that terrible habit of failing. A good friend of mine and devoted parent, lost practically ALL of her baby’s first year through their phone failing. You don’t need me to explain how distraught they were. They had the same intention as you to save, back-up and print these photographs, but they were busy being a parent, enjoying the family they are creating.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Image by Victoria Murray Photography


I know how important capturing these precious moments are to you. With all new parents, whether this is your first child or your fifth, creating a lasting record of your baby’s first few weeks in this world and your growing family is so important.

I also know that regardless of how good a support network you have, you will inevitably experience tiredness, stress and the general busyness that comes with having a baby. Naturally, the last thing you will care enough to do is pick up a camera and capture these fleeting moments. This is where I come in.

Image by Victoria Murray Photography

Through coming to your home, where all of your and your baby and family’s home comforts are, removing the added stress of you worrying about bringing enough clothes/nappies/milk etc. to a studio, I can make sure all of these moments are savoured and all in the place where they will continue to happen.

I can quietly capture these intimate moments for you, freezing in a click of a shutter the love and bond between you and your baby, the family you have made. All without you having to leave home. With no stress. With no disruption to you or your baby. Just perfect moments the whole family can enjoy and be part of.


All parents want to capture as much as they can of their family’s life together. As well as photographing your family when you invite me to do so, I will also give you advice on how you can continue this between now and your next family photography session. There is no need for expensive camera equipment or knowledge of shutter speeds etc. – that is my job, just some key tips to follow to give you a complete memory of your journey. All of course whilst enjoying it yourself.

All of this really can be yours to have. You can focus on being the loving parents you are, enjoying your family, placing your trust in me to create your legacy photographs and helping you to continue the story.

This needn’t be just a fairytale, it can all be yours. Find out how by getting in touch with me today. Giving you the time back to be a parent, enjoy your family and still give you the memories you desire, that is what I am here to do for you.




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